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“Special Love Day”

(finishing what I start, haha, here’s my Valentine post that I started and didn’t finish on V-day… IN-JOY!!!)

One of my many Mini-Valentines, Luisa (age 10), invited me to a sweet “Tea Party for the Elders” today at her school, Ocean Charter Waldorf.  The Tea Party is designed to invite any special adults in their lives, usually their grandparents… however, here in LA, you have to be a native to find your grandparents local.  So, today, I acted as Luisa’s Grandma/Elder… and it was the most splendid way to start out my Valentine’s Day.

It seems so silly, but I wish I could have filmed the entire experience… it was magical, I was touched to tears.  Luisa, and all of her 4th grade peers, were such sweet, thoughtful, respectable hosts to all of us guests.  We were simply treated like gold… and these kiddos were over the moon to host and share their entire 4th grade life with their special guest.  We also got to see performances from each class (4-8th), with each one having their own very unique and special song to sing or poem to share, sometimes in Japanese.  My heart is so warm and touched so magically.  What they are doing in this school is simply miraculous.

Ocean Charter is a Waldorf Education Public Charter School and nothing like any other Public school I’ve seen.  They learn by painting, drawing, creating, and/or singing songs (multiplication/division/mythology/geology/everything!)… instead of textbooks.  Their teachers are not music teachers, they are not experts in any one subject – they teach all of it, and it is a strong and loving understanding between the teacher and student that the Teachers are learning along with the kids.  What these teachers did with these kids today, musically and beyond, was something every teacher can do.  (and they are, yay!!!)  I am tickled to experience a public school system that is honoring the unique gifts that each of these children have to bring to the world… and allowing, giving, and guiding them in expressing themselves the ways they want to.  Truly beautiful.

Luisa’s Poem for me (photo below), she painted, designed, and wrote the poem herself… (and was even able to tell me what style of poem it was).  Please take note of what she wrote down for what “N” stands for.  As I was reading it, she had the biggest grin on her face waiting til I got there and right as I read it we both burst into laughter and hugged.  I love that the kids in my life feel safe to be silly with me and not ‘ever’ take me too seriously, I sure don’t.

Luisa’s Poem for me

Luisa and Tiffany

After a glorious morning with Luisa and her class-peers, whom I know about four other children in there and their parents – so many extensions of family to me… I went home and was greeted with a lovely call and visit from my dear friends, Gabriella and Catherine.  Gabriella (age 11) made homemade cupcakes (photo below) from scratch… it was deeeelishis.  🙂  We had a beautiful afternoon together walking our dogs (our Kiki and their Nana also known as Nani-bug) and had a yummy healthy lunch together (with avocados of course, we are still swimming in them).

It is so fun to celebrate Valentine’s Day from a completely unattached place.  I do not feel this big “need” to show or tell anyone that I “love” them on this day because I do it everyday.  SO MANY PEOPLE asked me what my husband and I were doing for the “special love day” and since the beginning, we do not celebrate this day as anything “special”.  We take each other out on dates all the time, we romance and light up each others worlds all the time.  ONE DAY out of the year, ONE picked-out-designed-and-prescribed-DAY out of the year, is just not enough for us to fit in all this BIG LOVE we have to express.  I celebrate Valentine’s “Special Love Day” Everyday, In the Present Moment, Right Now, Cheers to LOVE!!!

here’s a fun random sketch my husband drew of me on V-day.